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Take 5 minutes to upload and set the limitations of the license deal agreed with your clients.

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Your client can deliver it to doctors through Salesforce, inforMedGO, QR codees, Docintel codes or any 3rd party tool.

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Clinicians can read the content online from any browser and offline in our Docintel apps.

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  • Build a library


Your client can see all the details of usage and RTR for each reader in their own account.

*We take GDPR & data safety very seriously. It will only be your client who sees which Clinicians read your content.


Meanwhile you can track aggregated data for each eprints and we email you an alert if limits are nearing.

We are Software as a Service - note the word Service. We pride ourselves on both industry-leading fast turn-around, and even faster response times for queries and unusual demands from your clients.

In we have decades of experience dealing with the lifescience industry and medical publishing - to claim we understand your needs is to put it mildly. This is why some of our publishers trust us to deal directly with their lifescience clients and help them improve and close deals; which we see as a mutual benefit.

  • Each Product Manager gets a unique Docintel Link so you can see who reads and who doesn't.

Build your mailing lists with a few clicks and select the right articles for each person

Email all the relevant articles to Product Managers safely from Salesforece or other CRM. Library

For Publishers

See who spends more time reading and call and close the deals for those who read instead of calling those who haven’t yet looked.

Read-Through-Rate (RTR) defined


Up to


Up to



  • 65% Read

  • 95% Read

This is the tool we missed when we worked in publishing. Who is not bored of calling and starting: “Did you read the article I sent last week?”

When instead you can start talking directly about page 5, the graph, the abstract or any other thing you can see the client has read.

Digital not working as well as it should?

Our approach is entirely modular. With decades of experience in the industry we know that no two needs are the same "removing" and no



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