Understand who reads what.
Get personal.

We are a bespoke, personalised content platform serving life sciences, publishers and doctors.

Our platform:

   - hosts content

- enables you to send customised and branded  emails

   - applies intelligent analytics

With this you can learn what triggers individual readers and then place them in similar groups.

Our 'Informed Intelligence' is the conduit to learning more about what doctors engage with.

So we can help optimise your marketing campaigns

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How much better can you do?

We believe that by knowing what someone reads you can trigger an action.
The action can be to click an email or to start reading content they find interesting.
This provides the potential for our clients to increase their relevance and engagement so they can start building truly personal relationships.

Meaningful metrics

Spending massive resources on creating, licensing, buying and distributing content, without knowing who really engages with it, is wasteful.
That's why we've created The Read-Through-Rate (RTR).
When you know what people read, you can deliver more of the content they value.

Predicting the future

Gathering data on every interaction, every page, every email generates a lot of data.
But it's not really about the data points.
It's about the connections between the data.
Patterns are what matter.
Using patterns we can build groups of readers who like similar content, or groups who respond better to certain types of emails.

By tracking both and identifying key patterns can we predict what will work best.

Take action with tools
that work together

It's easy to loose sight of the big picture when the day is spent juggling programs and loads of data points.
That's why we have combined hosting that tracks every interaction, with delivery tools that gather data.
So we can provide robust analytics.
We continuously build profiles of each reader.
So you can focus on spreading the messages important to your campaign.

Shall we?

Our approach is entirely modular.
With decades of experience in the industry we know that no two needs are the same and no legal department interprets regulations and compliance requirements in the same way.
That's why we know that everything starts with an understanding of your specific objectives and challenges.
We know that our tools must be an aid to you and your current workflow. With API's we can import and export, or keep things free standing.
We can help you get more out of your data and connections, saving you time and enabling you to achieve more.



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